About Our Recording Services & Tracks

We are a full service backing track company, and strive to make your experience with us positive and enjoyable. We specialize in a multitude of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Custom Backing Tracks
  • Song Production
  • Vocal Tuning
  • MIDI drum tracks and live drum tracks
  • Mp3 / YouTube link conversions
  • Instrument writing and performance
  • Music Producing
  • Music Transcription
  • Tracks can be sped up or slowed down
  • Tracks can be edited into medleys

Getting the right backing track is important for a musician, who do live performances, that’s why we at Backingtrackslive, make sure that our tracks are professionally done, with the artist in mind.

You as the artist will be involved from the start, until the project is complete, you will have a choice on how your project will go, we will work with you, on anything, such as key changes, tempo, beginning clicks, ending fade outs, we can even add harmonies, if needed, we make all of the tracks consistent in audio qualities, thereby setting up a known and precisely crafted experience for the performer and audience.

We are also constantly looking at and testing new technologies, to hopefully integrate them to our platform in the future, for a better music experience.

How We Work with You Recording Your Tracks

As musicians we all know the importance of audience attention, we only have the first minute or less to get the crowd to focus on what you are about to do, nothing is better than a familiar intro to a song, to get things going, and that’s where Backtrackslive comes in. Why waste their time listening to you trying to loop things together, when you can have tracks at your disposal, easy no hassle operation, downloaded to whatever device that you have. You can copy to multiple devices if you wish, no more lag time, performance ready at you fingertips.

Dialing in your mix is something special that we do. We can even boost the sound of any part of the song or track to your custom track. Lets say you want a little punch on your bass sound or even have part of the lead more pronounced, lower the back up vocals, to sound just right and not annoying, all of these and more, can be done, you decide, make your own!