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We offer stake-out services for all service of process cases. If you require surveillance to follow a subject and effect service, we have access to a licensed private investigator to assist with locating (click here to learn more about our licensed private investigator) and using investigative methods to properly serve your legal documents. Our stakeouts are a period of secret surveillance conducted near or at a residence or business to observe someone's activities to effect service of legal documents on a subject or defendant. Our process servers specialize in stakeouts in order to achieve completion of service. Call us for more information!


Investigative Stakeout Services *

Stake Out Service ($45 Hourly rate)

Other Additional Services please call for help.


* North County Process Server isn't a licensed Private Investigator but that we work with some of the finest P.I's in San Diego. You can visit our Licensed Private Investigator here. We have the experience to get the job done right!